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Mascular Magazine

OK, my work published in an e-zine in London, UK this month. The topic was "relationships." A subject I am uncomfortable with. My original models flaked out on me three different times. Thankfully, my muse and model, Taelur, saved the assignment and my artistic ass.

I'm still not sure how I feel about the photos. Thematically, the photos are far removed from my work as most people know it. Still, it's an interesting and edgy series with underlying humor. Technically, I broke new ground, so I'm happy with that.

You can view the photos on my Flickr account here...


The e-zine is available from this link.



Banksy vs Cecilia Jiménez

South Carolina by Gehry

Pickens County, South Carolina, February 30, 2012

Internationally renowned super star architect Frank Gehry unveiled his most ironic work to date. "I've always drawn inspiration from the organic forms found in nature," Gehry stated. "The next logical step for me was drawing upon the forces of nature. Tornados are the new design language. To say that this is my illest, dopest, sickest design work ever is an understatement. I mean; this be some mishegas shit fo' real! Ya feel me?" When asked about homebuyer's willingness to embrace the costs of building such unique residential structures in economically challenging times, Gehry retorted, "If you want to live in a white box, hire that bitch Richard Meier."

Candominiums by Gehry™ will initally launch in the South Carolina market fall of 2012. Forty Units will feature white oak plank flooring, Sub-Zero refrigerators with wine refrigerators, 6-burner Miele cook top, Wolf double oven, microwave and warming drawer, indoor plumbing, above ground olympic swimming pools, and custom wheels by Porsche Design Group. Prices are hinted to start under two million dollars U.S.



Well, my Boston trip was an epic fail. There are too many reasons to describe. At least I got acceptable photograph out of it. Oh, and nacphotography offered me an afternoon of shelter from the fundamentalists. Thanks Nick.


pointless intellectual discorse

"Well, I think that the artist boldly captured the alienation of disenfranchised people living in a high tech, digital world." Or maybe it's just a picture of a stairwell.


I'm a flower photographer.

I've long held the theory we all turn into what we despise. Well, I've turning into a flower photographer. I'm sure sometime during the last 34 years, I've shot flowers previously. However, I've never presented botanicals as fine art, and these are flower pictures as only I could realize them: wilted and / or crushed.

Anyway, this Flickr set contains the yet finalized edit / sequence.


Iris: PInhole (Camerabag 2 App)

"My entry to win a free Canon 5D Mk III via @CameraBag 2 (http://bit.ly/cb2-5d) #cb2giveaway"

A Second Life

I divorce myself from the idea I am an Emo or Goth artist. I was a photographer before those terms existed. My work is not about darkness and death. I select subjects that are unnoticed and unappreciated as people busy themselves with daily life. I look for art where none seems to exist. A rose in full bloom is popular. People pay to visit botanical gardens to view pristine flowers until they wilt. In turn, that flower is cast aside as useless. That flower is looked upon with contempt. Conversely, there is an added layer of beauty, texture, and tonality a fresh flower lacks. The act of creating art from a wilted flower says, "You are important, valued, and loved by me." This act of compassion is a second life given by the photograph itself.


The iTunes Mafia in action at 4 am.

A new Reed-ism

My new favorite pickup line, "Forget Wall Street and Occupy My Ass."